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Interested in a ‘Featured Listing’ on Bow List?

– Great, let’s take a moment to reflect on the state of modern advertising and how a ‘Featured Listing’ on Bow List can benefit your business. –

You have various forms of advertising available to you to you, so why should you spend your advertising dollars on a ‘Featured Listing’ at Bow List?

  • Print Advertising: one-and-done, tossed out with the house-hold trash and if it’s a magazine maybe kept around for a few months on a table or in a bin before being tossed.
  • Broadcast Advertising, – has a shelf-life of just seconds, and must be repeated, and paid for repeatedly, to get people to remember it.
  • And then there is Internet Advertising – which is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – working constantly, consistently, to brand your business and increase sales and market share.
  • Your dollars also help support the Bowhunting.net network of websites, which have been providing news and information to the archery and bowhunting communities since 1996.

– Now a little bit about our listings. –

  • Free Listings – all ‘Basic Listings’ on Bow List are currently free and you can create your free listing by following the directions in this help document.
  • Featured Listings – all ‘Featured Listings’ are currently priced at $49.99/year and any current listing can be upgraded by filling out the form below. If you would like us to list your website for you please contact us or fill out the form below, and we can work with you to create an advertising program that works for your business AND your budget.
  • Featured Listing Benefits –
    • all ‘Featured Listings’ are displayed at the top of their category, above ‘Free Listings’ so your business is seen FIRST.
    • ‘Featured Listings’ are also displayed randomly at the bottom of EVERY page for additional branding opportunities.
    • …more benefits coming soon.
  • Featured Listings are also included at no additional charge to current advertising partners of Bowhunting.net, [click here] to see the benefits of advertising on Bowhunting.net.

You will be contacted by an advertising representative of “Bowhunting.net / Bow List” regarding your businesses advertising needs and invoiced directly.