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Hot Trails

Started in 1991 by Bill Moore, Hot Trails scented hunting candles can penetrate up to 500 yards and last for up to 5 hours per candle. Available in a variety of different scents - Doe-N-Heat, Dominate Buck, Coyote/Fox Attraction, Apple, Earth, Corn, Acorn, Persimmon, Honey, Anise, Cinnamon, Bacon and Curiosity.
Moultrie Feeders

Moultrie features a full line of high-quality game cameras, wildlife feeders, attractants and food plot gear designed, tested and used by hunters, game management professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Robinson Outdoor Products
110 North Park Drive
Cannon Falls, MN

The world’s leading manufacturer of scent control products for hunters, featuring the ScentBlocker® brand. ScentBlocker designs and manufactures scent control apparel and accessories as well as scent eliminating sprays, body care liquids, detergents, and body care supplements.

(800) 397-1927
(507) 263-5512
Wildlife Research Center

Manufacturers of quality scent elimination products, cover & masking scents, attractants & lures and other products for hunters.