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Scent Control

Goat Tuff Products
9375 N Hampshire Dr
Tucson, AZ

Manufacturers of quality archery products; including vanes, glues, lubricants, release aids, bow carriers and fletchers.

(520) 742-1701
(520) 742-8602
2664 Russell St
Orangeburg, CA

An industry leader in waterproofing, cleaning, scent and sight control for outdoor clothing, footwear and gear since 1933.
(800) 845-2728
Code Blue Scents

Odor control products by Code Blue Scents; including our Standing Estrous product - the most realistic way to duplicate doe estrous.

Harmon Scents

Harmon Scents odor control products by Cass Creek.

Robinson Outdoor Products
110 North Park Drive
Cannon Falls, MN

The world’s leading manufacturer of scent control products for hunters, featuring the ScentBlocker® brand. ScentBlocker designs and manufactures scent control apparel and accessories as well as scent eliminating sprays, body care liquids, detergents, and body care supplements.

(800) 397-1927
(507) 263-5512